Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hang on sloopy.

Lately it seems that I've been spending an inordinate amount of time over at oohing and aahing over all the furry beings of the canine persuasion. I've also been vaguely reading up on various breeds and training methods for young dogs all of which leads me to believe that A) I miss my dogs and B) it'll be a long winter without a pet to walk outside.

I thought that I wouldn't want a dog for at least a year after Buster passed away earlier this autumn, but my mind and heart seem to say that there's still plenty of room left over (and plenty of animals who need good homes and well, I have a home and it wouldn't seem right not to share now would it?).

I wonder if other people spend part of their day looking at all the lost animals of their corner of the world and thinking up clever pet names. I wonder if it's normal. Mostly, I've grown to prefer the company of animals over people in the suburbs. It's a fucked up world in which I reside when that happens.

Kir does that. She wants a puppy, I want a cat. We are both willing to compromise though. We've been looking for 2 years now, haven't pulled the trigger though. She's developed my slowness for life I think.
That was me in the last message - John. You can delete this message :)
Why not get both? Most kill-free shelters will tell you whether the dogs/puppies they have are cat compatible or not.
We are definitely getting a kitten now. We almost got one last night, but the poison from the rodent spraying we just did might have caused problems so we passed until later. I'll post pictures when we get her though.

As far as two pets ... One day at a time for now. 750 sq ft is a VERY LARGE apartment in the Village. However, it isn't that large for 2 pets and 2 adults. Maybe when we can upgrade to something a bit larger.

Kittens are the coolest little creatures. I'm looking forward to seeing picutres. :)

I forgot about space issues for you. The one advantage of living in the 'burbs is having a big enough yard and house to indulge my "I want a _____" whims. Though at least you do have central park to walk a dog in, should you ever choose to get one. There aren't really any nice parks in my area, unless you count a beach as a park, but those usually don't allow dogs (in the tourist season, anyway).
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