Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray ...

I'm watching the first flurries of the year through my office window, and deciding on being more optimistic. The thing I was planning on didn't work out to my serious disappointment (and tears) but I have decided not to feel sorry for myself and am laying out the ground work for further good things to happen. I'm not at the I-give-up stage yet. All this effort to no results is seriously starting to give me a complex, though I am resisting and just chalking it down to good old fashioned paranoia.

Thanksgiving tomorrow! No turkey for me though, I'm having a big old leg of lamb, currently sitting on my back porch probably dripping blood. I have resigned myself to the fact that I can never be anything less than an omnivore. I hope you all have good holidays or weekends if you're not in the states.

I need some good new music to bring me out of my funk. Recommend a current CD you think worth plunking down $$$ for, or an older one you think I may not have heard, pretty please?

DeVotchKa (4 samples) (4 more samples)

Here the snow has turned to a thin sliver of sidewalk ice. Our knees remember and we change our gait from purposeful stride to penguin shuffle. Those that forget do the winter dance that we all learned from watching old people.
Err.. on second thought they can sound a litlle melancholy so if you're down and want to go up maybe Devotchka's not the best choice.

I can burn my Pookie Reggae Bhangra Funk mix tho.. it's boppy. see my Art of the Mix...)

~Stan :)
have you heard the entire feist album yet? "let it die". i think you'd like it.

you gotta email me back soon and let me know what the heck's going on with you!

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