Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ticking clock, everyone stop.

I can easily see myself becoming more of a hermit (than I already am, of course). My first online clothing shopping experience was almost too easy, but I won't bet too much money on it until I have the clothes on me and see if they actually fit properly. Also, summer flip flops were fun to buy and shipping costs weren't terrible (still cheaper to go to the store, though), but I would rather avoid LI shopping centers in the warm weather. It's best if I not subject myself to the screaming and the parking for the sake of my sanity.

Despite the sticky weather, I remain commited to my summertime plan of not becoming a slob on the couch, and thusly, have begun walking around my neighborhood in the heat of the afternoon. Lack of sidewalks on certain blocks are still annoying, though.

And lastly, to provide you with some intellectual stimulation, here is a short list of books I've read recently that don't suck:
Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth
Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake
Amy Tan, The Kitchen God's Wife
Dan Chaon, You Remind Me of Me (brought to my attention by Kyle)

Music: Zero 7, "In the Waiting Line"

Hey Agnes,
I always wonder if you're hooked into The Perpetual Motion Roadshow.
Indie Press, Authors, cool venues and words words beautiful words.
Something's coming to New Albany soon; don't know it that's nearby or not though.

Hope you're doing alright. :)
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