Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Don't fear the reaper.

While channel surfing last night I caught the last 3/4 of A Certain Kind of Death, which documents what happens to human cadaevours with no relatives. It was unsettling, sad, disturbing and yet, like the fascinating Mary Roach book Stiff, extremely compelling and informative. As we were watching the cremation process, S. noted rather morbidly how similar the final step was to mixing a drink in a blender, and really, it was such a strange thing to say, there was nothing to do but laugh. In the middle of that laughter though, tears unexpectedly sprang to my eyes--it wasn't too long ago that a member of our furry family unit was cremated.

Final verdict? Recommended for those with an interest in the physical aspects of death, and also those with an interest in outsider cinema.

Tonight we're off to see something less morbid at the movie theatre, but hopefully equally compelling: Crash.

Music: The Velvet Underground, "Run Run Run"

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