Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stupid emotions.

So, I'm feeling pretty fucked up. There are two warring emotions going on in my head right now. The first is happiness that I'm leaving Long Island for a week for the first time since October and going somewhere where there's mountains and hills and the air smells different. And being able to kick back and take a break from my domestic duties is something that I am greatly looking forward to. The second emotion is horrendous guilt and pain because I'll be boarding Ruby Tuesday at the vet's office for 8 whole days where she'll be having her front claws taken out next week, just in time for us to pick her up. I hate the fact that she'll be separated from the other cats, but it's a necessary evil: we just purchased a nice new leather couch and chair that she's already scratched in parts and will need to be repaired before we leave tomorrow. What it really comes down to is the fact that I am having my cat's claws taken out to protect my things, which sounds really shallow, but the fact is, it's the most expensive piece of furniture we've ever purchased (not our usual IKEA fare) and we'd like to get more than a week out of it. We're already on a tight budget and we can't afford to have it professionally repaired, so the declawing thing prevents that in the future. It still doesn't make me feel any less horrible, but I have to reconcile these things in my head for the sake of my sanity and so that I can relax. I've been so stressed out & busy lately & I really need to enjoy this break and not feel guilty the whole time.

Oh well. I'll be back with pictures and maybe some stories to tell. I need to not be here for a while. And by 6 AM tomrrow, I will be on the road already and hopefully a little bit more excited than right now.

Big Star, "Motel Blues"

Have a fabulous trip!

I know what you're feeling; Lori had Kirby declawed for the same reason. Now he has pussy-willow paws and what he lacks in claws he makes up for with his teeth.

Have an excellent trip, Agnes :)

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