Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It hit me like a ton.

It is difficult to describe what it is like to see Henry Rollins live, except that it is overwhelming to see someone so self-aware and in touch with the world and able to convey it all with grace and humour. In 2 and a half stellar hours, he managed to touch on everything from the war in Iraq to death to encounters with cab drivers to Canadians to taking a train into Siberia to phone solicitors to sex toy shops and the varying sounds a man makes upon... well, you know. I’m only scraping the surface here, too.

He is everything that any writer/creative entrepreneur would aspire to be. I walked away from his show extremely impressed and inspired, and reassured that what I am doing here, with my life, is not for naught, but that I should be reaching further and further than I currently am in terms of being socially aware, especially in the current political climate of this country. It just is difficult to find my inner fuck-you in a town and geographical area that breeds complacency to the norm and looks down on anyone who doesn’t want the 2.5 kids by the age of 25. I’d much rather have a puppy first, thank you very much.

I wish that I could bottle what I felt that night and hold on to it forever, because frankly, I need it. I need the reminder that I am not just another statistic and that what I do or don’t do, in the grand scheme of things, matters.

Music: Spoon, "I Turn My Camera On"

Spoken tour, I am jealous, really jealous.
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