Thursday, April 14, 2005

I know you've had more loves than Mata Hari.

1. I hate money.

2. I will distract myself from my hatred of money and current financial situation by finally painting the living room with S. And we've gotten rid of most of our ugly furniture to boot. Which will require the further spending of the dreaded money to replace, but there are somethings that just need to be done for the sake of my eyes and good taste.

Music: The 6ths, "As You Turn To Go"

I hate money too. And I love it.
I love it when it lets me do or get something that is really important to me. I hate it when I don't have enough though, so that's why I try not to spend it. Well, not on trivial stuff and not on low quality stuff ( I don't earn enough money to afford buying shoddily made stuff.)
i also hate money. specifically, i hate that credit matters more than money. i just applied for a new lease but was declined because even though i have three landlords accounting for six years of good tenantship, and even though i have a wonderful cosigner with perfect credit, and even though i make MORE than enough to pay for the place, my credit, ruined by my ex-husband, sucks. i say to hell with that!

but good for you for erring on the side of good taste.
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