Thursday, March 31, 2005


1. Spring has seemingly sprung (finally) and I find myself longing for a puppy. This one, specifically. His cuteness has probably already assured him an adopted position with someone else. I just miss having a dog to walk... Buster's legs just can't hold up for anything longer than a block anymore. Also, I'm not sure how Ruby Tuesday would react to not being the baby anymore.

2. Tomorrow night S. and I are going into NYC to see the one and only Henry Rollins. I am beyond excited, and am bringing some of his books in case he sticks around for an autograph session. If not, I'll still be happy just to see him and hopefully take some photos... and there's always the train ride there and back.

How was the city? Mr. Rollins?

I love that train ride by the way. So very soothing.

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