Saturday, March 05, 2005

I couldn't crawl back if I tried.

Took the train in to NYC with S. today, rather spontaneously. Went to MoMA for the first time, ever. So as you can imagine, right now I am extremely overwhelmed and overstimulated. Later had a good lamb curry at an Indian restaurant. I am getting better at dealing with crowds, I think.

I'm tired and this post is poorly written, so I'll just end it by saying you can find some pictures here.

You're really getting into the train-thing, aren't you? :)
I like the idea of you up and exploring like that.

Nice! I'm glad you and S are getting down here more. It was absolutely beautiful here on Saturday. I hope you guys had fun.

On Saturday, Kir and I saw the gates (woo fucking hoo) ... Then we walked 50 blocks home. Ugh.

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