Thursday, March 17, 2005

Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles.


I've found the perfect antidote to curbing anxiety--blasting Led Zeppelin IV and Tindersticks' Trouble Every Day while painting some inane part of my house, today's recepient of my mania being the downstairs closet door. It really works to fill that anal-retentive, nervous energy void that comes about after consuming too much caffeine.

I've decided that I hate SoulSeek and that we can't be friends anymore--I was willing to forgive the fact that I couldn't find Bad Company, but now that I can't find a certain King Crimson and Yes song, I've officially decided to end it. Trouble is, I don't know which program would be a suitable replacement. Which program would you, savvy music fans, recommend? I'm looking for something that won't take up too much space on my hard drive and not infect my computer with spyware.

Today I am wearing my apple green cardigan and tonight S. and I will be making homemade Shamrock Shakes. Happy St. Paddy's day.

Music: Dire Straits, "Sultans of Swing"

Said the straight man...

I use exclusively. This is because I have a shitty dialup and I couldn't be bothered downloading another damn app when the one I already had works just fine.

I'm happy with it though. :)

limewire is really good, but i think it might take up alot of space.. it's a GREAT program though. no spyware, i promise!

limewire is really good, but i think it might take up alot of space.. it's a GREAT program though. no spyware, i promise!

If you find something in my library that you wish to have, I am sure I can make arrangements to get it out to you. Just offering.
Yeah, Soulseek is a pain in the ass. It works sometimes, it doesn't work other times ... it's OK at best.

I've been using which is officially the last html based mp3 finder. It's not really good, but it's really fast. No popups or spyware. is a quasi-legal Russian based mp3 site. I dropped 20 bucks and my identity wasn't hijacked nor did any weird charges show up. It's legit, as far as that goes and that they adhere to Russian copyright law ... plus they have a decent Indie lineup. Figure about $2.00 an album depending on the quality. I wouldn't venture too far under 192kbs though. No spyware, and they have a nifty downloader too.

I could go into bittorrent, but it can get a bit complicated. I'd try winmx and limewire first or the stuff I mentioned.

Good luck!

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