Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sometimes I walk sideways to avoid you.

I've completed packing approximately 85% of the things I want to take with me to Boston. As much as I try to pack lightly and leave room for things I might accumulate along the way, I still end up having a bag overflowing with things. I suppose if I don't have enough room left on the way back, I can always layer up on my clothing and be mistaken for a snowwoman. The kittens have already done their usual rounds of sniffing the suitcase and covering it in fur.

The no-television experiment has been a success, so far. Today is my 10th day free of it, and it's becoming easier the more I get used to it. One of the side effects of freeing up my time has been that my house is a lot cleaner. My attention span also seems slightly longer though I am still occasionally impatient. The only thing I miss a bit is reruns of The Simpsons.

Hope you all are well and listening to lots of good music. I'll be back in a snap, I promise.

Yay for you for weaning yourself from the glass teat!
Yay for Boston trips, have an amazing time and write down a few thoughts or observation thingies if you think of it.
Choo choo.. enjoy!

Hint: Pack up an extra backpack, just in case you know. Enjoy.
Have a fun trip. Packing a small bag for any extras might be a good idea. Hopefully you can take some pictures too.
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