Monday, January 10, 2005

I'll admit I'm feeling strange.

1 night ago I watched The Big Lebowski for maybe the sixth time. Best way to inaugurate the new year, I think. And speaking of the new year, how have 10 days gone by already? My life has never moved so fast. In a week, I'll be older and this depresses me even though it may seem ridiculous. In my opinion, 19 was the best age--and the farther I get from it, the more worried I get. I should get over it and accept that I won't ever be that young again--and at least I'll be able to legally order an alcoholic beverage in this country now.

I'm only now making my list of new year's resolutions. I won't tell you what they are even though on the surface they seem simple. I'll let you know how they pan out next year.

Ummmm, and I am not nearly as depressed as I sound: I think. Mostly, I feel like I'm standing behind a glass wall and watching myself go through the motions. That's not depression, it's just disconnected-ness.

Music: Bob Dylan, "The Man In Me"

Nineteen was a good year for me too, and, like you, I was worried that I had reached the pinnacle of my existance. And then there was my twenty-eighth year... Holy cow was a brilliant one that was! The others were a blend of okay and pretty good but twenty-eight... Hooooo!
I wonder what kind of Encore my life's got in store for me now...

Anyway... Carpe Diem and all that, but don't fret too much about distancing yourself from your teen years because there's some amazing stuff to follow. :)

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