Friday, January 21, 2005

I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit.

So I just found out through some browsing on the imdb that the ridiculously good and funny Augusten Burroughs memoir Running With Scissors will be translated to the big screen. I haven't been quite as excited about a movie in a long time. I love anything that explores human dysfunction. I just hope they don't slaughter it.

If you haven't read the book on which this movie is going to be based, you should. Highly recommended.

Music: Magazine, "A Song From Under the Floorboards"

Hmm.. seems to that you might want to give Vernon God Little a read, then. If you haven't already, that is.
It won the booker in 03, so it's no slouch and if it means anything - I'm enjoying it as well.

p.s. about the title of this post; it reminds me of something a bald friend of mine said recently, to whit:

"Wisdom is the comb that life hands you once your hair's fallen out."

Vernon God Little has been sitting on my book shelf for the past 6 months, half read. I don't think I was in the right frame of mind when I first attempted it, so I will definitely give it another go on your recommendation.

The quote I used for the subject of this post is brilliant and I love it too. It figures that I didn't write it, then. It's a lyric from the song I was listening to when I wrote the post (see the last line.)
Yeah, the first half is a bit rough to get into, but there comes a point, I don't quite know when or how it happened that all of a sudden you're living the book. Maybe I was conquered by a hundred thousand fuckens, I don't know.
Dhalgren was like that too, except it took me the whole book to realize that I wanted to read it again. I don't know if you'd like Dhalgren though, I'm not even sure that I'd like it anymore... Books are people. Ever notice that?

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