Saturday, December 11, 2004

This is just a sorry lament.

The day started off well: we finished our Christmas shopping and bought the kitties and Buster their presents. Went out for Japanese for lunch and then to Easthampton to go see Closer--which was a huge depressive mindfuck of a movie. And everything was fine, until we came home and I got out of the car and I noticed a dark shadow lying in the middle of the road. Right away I knew it was some sort of dead animal, for a moment I even entertained the thought that it was my cat Squawk (who is rather swarthy) but upon closer inspection it turned out to be our neighbour's little dog. So we had the joy of going there and informing the owner that his dog had been hit and killed.

There's way too much death around us lately.

I can barely wrap my mind around the death of an animal, let alone a war, a person killing another person--the world is too huge sometimes and I am tiny and insignificant and hurt by it nonetheless.

Music: Belle & Sebastian, "This Is Just A Modern Rock Song"

It's never easy to deal with the death of an animal. I feel for you, Agnes.

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