Friday, December 24, 2004

Quite lucky to be alive, though.

It is around freezing point and overcast and I am pretty sure I am coming down with a cold, having suffered with an ongoing sore throat since last night. I don't really want to complain about it though, since S. has a sinus infection that he's treating with antibiotics and naps. Buster has tried to break into the Christmas presents a couple of times already, I'm pretty sure he's confused and thinks today is the 25th cos usually we don't put the presents down till that day. I've made my requisite phone call, taken a shower, had a lunch at McDonald's so I'm good to go. I wish there were a party to go to or at least a snow fall, but I doubt any of these will come up tonight.

Today is one of those days where I feel like I live at the end of the earth, isolated and almost alone. More and more, I am coming to accept this isolation as a fact of my life. More and more, I expect less and less. It's a conflicting thing inside my head: half empty, half full.

Music: Bob Dylan bootlegs

merry christmas from the ends of the earth

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