Thursday, November 11, 2004

Snow can wait.

I wrote a poem today just to prove I could. I wrote it because I haven't written in days and it's what I felt was most appropriate to sum up parts of my head, lately. I wrote it because I haven't written a real poem since July. I don't know if it means anything or signals a return back to a more artful form of verbal expression--all I know is, that I am glad I did it. That it felt good and real and made me feel alive once again, and at the same time, like a scientist over a microscopic slide of their brain. I don't particularly care if it's any good, right now.

Yesterday two of my cats knocked over the sugar bowl, shards of tiny glass flew everywhere. Today something similar occured, except this time I was the culprit, accidently knocking over a bowl in the bathroom. I wonder what this means. Glass things so rarely break in this home, so two in two days seems kind of like a strange coincendence.

It's getting colder and colder outside, which I enjoy (and am not sick of, yet.) I like wearing a scarf and a hat and gloves. It feels like a costume and pleases me in some strange way that I can't fully explain. Soon! I will buy some new boots. Anything but these overexposed things.

Ruby Tuesday is slowly healing from her surgery and is back to crawling on the television set, which pleases me more than anything else.

Music: Explosions in the Sky, "The Moon is Down"

more photos of ruby tuesday, please!

it's great to see you writing again, too.

the poem is good. but you knew that

I'm particularly happy to see the blood flowing again. I was worried that it had coagulated completely.

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