Wednesday, November 17, 2004

If you see a shadow, there's something there.

I rule, today. Over 75% of my Christmas shopping is complete & it's not even December yet! I won't be stuck at the last minute among the unwashed hordes, trying desparately to pluck that last ironing board cover or dusty box of chocolate off the mostly vacant shelf. In my books that is a reason to celebrate.

And I made a November mix.
And I must make others and mail them out and make good on promises from months ago, before the shit hit the fan.
And, and, and...

(Off topic, but thank you for reading & commenting on this still new blog venture.)

Music: PJ Harvey, "You Come Through"

While I applaud you for your mad organizational skillz I am also more than a little terrified of your yule preparedness. ;)

I'm even scaring myself a little bit with all the pre-emptive stuff I've been doing this year. I bought Christmas cards yesterday--keep an eye on your mailbox, Stan... bwa ha ha ha ha!
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