Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Got a one way ticket, the moon is shining bright.

The Japanese maples at the end of the block today were so brilliantly illuminated by the afternoon sun that they looked as if they'd caught a dark red fire; the election makes me nervous but I'm still hopeful; in a couple of weeks there'll be snow and change (please please please); my feet ache with satisfaction from long daily walks; I have a small new pile of CDs to listen to (including the Arcade Fire, finally, no more mp3s); and still, still, things should get better--in the world and otherwise. Cross my fingers.

Please do vote today if you are an American citizen. I'll be accompanying my husband this evening to the polls.

Music: Mercury Rev, "Hudson Line"
(Mercury Rev reminds me of autumn almost more than any other band, except the Smiths.)

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