Tuesday, November 30, 2004

god only knows.

I spent the majority of my evening eating take out pizza and watching Love Actually which made me cry like a big fat baby because A) I was watching it alone and missing S., who's in New Jersey for the night and B) it's that time of year and the movie takes place during the holiday season too, and all of the feelings that this season brings make me just a touch sensitive, so I guess I'm a typical human being in that respect. Anyways. It's a pretty good film with a universal message but doesn't tie everything up in a neat little package (kind of like real life)--and features Colin Firth, whom I've had a little bit of a fangirl crush on since I saw him in Bridget Jones' Diary & Pride and Prejudice.

Still feel exceedingly lonely tonight. I hate sleeping in an empty house & bed. I may have to resort to letting Buster sleep at my feet tonight. The more time passes the more I realize how much I need love and affection in my life, right in front of me. I hope you all have that too. It's the only thing that keeps me sane anymore. Also: tonight I miss Noodle. But still I feel like she's watching me and that is comforting.

Music: Beck, "It's All In Your Mind"

I love that movie too! I'm sorry you cried, but sometimes it feels good to get that hard movie cry out of your system.

Take Care
That movie made me all sniffly too, yep.
Hugs to you, albethey (plural of albeit??) a bit late in arriving. Hoping that S is by home by now and that all is comfy-cosy with you. :)

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