Monday, November 22, 2004


I'd like to make this water wine, but it's impossible
I've got to get these dishes dry.

One of the best and most understated Pulp songs, ever. I think I've proclaimed my love of Jarvis Cocker on every single one of my former blogs but this one. So there it is!

This morning seems to be a re-hash of all my favourite mid to late 90s brit pop. And now Blur's "The Universal" is playing. Too good for words.

This past weekend I went to see the new Paul Giamatti movie Sideways which I have conflicting feelings about (as it was a very conflicted movie) but would recemmond nonetheless. Vulgar in parts, funny in others, and devastingly serious and sad the rest of the time. And this paragraph does tie into the beginning of this post as wine is obviously a huge motif in the movie.

Music: When in Rome, "The Promise"

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