Friday, October 29, 2004

There's nowhere left to hide.

Today I feel restless and sad for no particular reason. I have a feeling it was triggered by finishing reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower for the second time in my life; it always seems to leave me with an acrid taste in my mouth as it brings up the whole idea of confronting your past and talking about it in order to move on with the future and participate in your day-to-day life--which, as someone prone to bouts of depression knows, is a hard thing to think about or even apply to your day to day living. I think it made me sadder than the first time I read it, which is sad in and of itself, because it's a young adult book, and the first time I read it, I was still technically a young adult. I just find it strange that I'm even more so affected by it now when I'm past the ages of all the characters in the book. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in an eternal adolescent time warp which is sort of odd; by all standards I'm pretty much done with adolescenece. But it's the little things y'know? Like still caring about the holidays and playing board games and small things like that.

I am however glad that the leaves are on the ground (crunchy beneath my feet and my dog's paws) and looking forward to the Halloween weekend and all the little seasonal things that can only be done once a year--carving a pumpkin, making up little treat bags, wearing my pretend kitten ears, etc. I hope whoever's reading this has a good Halloween.

PS. I am thinking about incorporating more mp3s and music writing in this blog. Yay or nay? Please respond.

Music: Muse, "Sing For Absolution"

I'd love to see you posting more mp3s and song recs - you're one of the few people I know who has the same eclectic taste as I do.

hope you have a good halloween, too! (any chance of a photo of you with the kitten ears? ;)

I don't always download the tracks that you put up but that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in hearing what you think about music. So I'd vote Yea with a capital Yuh!

I'm hoping for those kitty-ear pics too! :-D

Add another yay.
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