Friday, October 08, 2004

Let's move to the country.

In & around the rural areas of the capital district. (Scroll over for descriptions of the photos.)

a shot of part of the property we stayed on.

eerily reminiscent of the logo for Six Feet Under.

one of those wagons where they store hay.  yeah.

creepy rusted out bike in an equally creepy barn filled with all sorts of odd things.

Maya, my grandma-in-law's kitty, who looks a bit like an older Ruby Tuesday

Kiefer, the dog whom I fell in love with and spoiled beyond repair with beef jerky, doughnut holes, and teddy grahams.


old barn windows, obviously.

a more in-depth look at the barn

last barn shot, I promise

our bedroom window overlooked this slimy green pond, as well as a small footbridge, not pictured

the final sunset of our trip

Music: The Thrills, "The Curse of Comfort"

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