Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'll still be around, just like you said.

Back for a bit. The ferry was really frickin' cold yesterday, not so bad today. If you ever want a sure fire way to wake yourself up, stand on the top deck and let the morning wind blow you back.

I may not be going to Pennsylvania tomorrow, there's a good chance I'll stay home. Things get so out of sorts when we're not here, the pets go nuts and dirt accumulates in surprisingly large increments. Note to self: do not leave butter dish out. Do not leave boxes of dog biscuits or bags of cat food unsecured. These will be torn open and eaten and you'll have to take another trip to Wal-Mart, which you hate doing. We shall see.

Hotel bed was surprisingly comfortable, the room was pretty and the bathroom was big, which is what I lust for: a bathroom big enough to scatter things around in and not close it up. Marble counter-tops! It's good to pretend, if only for a little while.

Pictures later, maybe.

Music: Earlimart, "We Drink on the Job"

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