Monday, October 18, 2004

Everyone who pretended to like me is gone.

We went apple picking (mostly S. picked the apples while I held on to our dog's leash), found a good grocery store to go to that so far is not filled with screaming children, ate a delicious pomegranate, and bought a pumpkin from a roadside farm stand. I'm adjusting to the colder air fairly well, enjoying the solitude that it brings, the silence, the time spent playing copious amounts of Scrabble, assembling 1000 piece puzzles and walking my dog through the autumn leaves. By February, I will be complaining about all of this. Right now it's good and I'm afraid if I say anything else it'll break up.

Tomorrow I'm going to the record store.

Music: The Walkmen, "The Blizzard of '96"

You're the only other person that I've known to enjoy pomegranates! And Scrabble!
Scrabble between you and S. must be a real Clash of Titans. Brutal.

Happy music-shopping!

Pomegranates and Scrabble are two of the things that make life fabulous. I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates these things.

Music shopping was ok, but the store I go to has cut back its independent music selection, so I'm afraid its back to for me. I knew a good thing here couldn't last.

PS. Thanks for stopping by and posting. :)
It's always a bit sad when amazon-type outfits win out over the brick and mortar places. Is your local shop not interested in taking special orders? How long have they had this corporate death-wish? :-/

Yeah... but pomegranates... Mmmmmmm.. :-)

I guess I should have made myself clearer when I mentioned record store--it's really just the music section of our local Best Buy (evil corporate store)that I can buy my CD's at locally.

I will buy more pomegranates this weekend! I can't wait.
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